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These are all objects created originally by other creative Trainzers, but modified/updated by me to run for TRS 2006.

All files are uploaded and available from DLS.
You can "download from DLS", which brings you to Trainz' Download Station for that specific object (you need to be logged in to DLS to download).

Alle disse er oprindeligt lavet af andre kreative Trainzers, men modificeret/opdateret af mig for at fungere for TRS 2006.

Alle filer er uploaded til, og til rådighed fra, DLS.
Du kan "download from DLS, som bringer dig til Trainz' Download Station for det individuelle objekt (du skal være logget ind på DLS først).

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xjc DK shunter

Size: 8.11MB
jytte <kuid:386158:1001>

download from DLS

US: Danish shunter.
Original model created by rasmuss.
Modified for TRS2006.

DK: Dansk rangertraktor.
Original model lavet af rasmuss.
Modificeret for TRS2006.