TUTORIAL - Content Creator Plus (CCP)    (for Trainz 2006)    Written Aug. 21, 2008. By Jytte Christrup.


Before you get started, you will need 5 files:

 - the wav file containing the sound you want to hear in Trainz, can be one you made yourself, or downloaded from the internet, but try to keep it around or below 100KB
   If you want to try this out, but don't have a wav file, you can use the one I used for this example dog 1.wav
   Note: the wave file has to be a MONO file (if in doubt, check the properties-summary of the wav file).

- the "???.im" file, that CCP uses to create the picture you see in Surveyor (I created this one in Gmax)
- the "???.texture.txt" file, that directs the picture- or texture file to be used
- the "???.jpg" file, which is the actual picture/texture used (I created this one in Paint Shop Pro Studio)
  If you are not familiar with Gmax to create your own picture file to use, you are free to use these files, to try this tutorial, and for any other objects that you feel like creating:
      rednote.jpg                     (right-click on these files to download them)
the rednote.jpg
looks like this:

- last but not least you need a picture for the thumbnail (the picture that shows up in DLS and CMP)
   You could use the rednote.jpg again (but you'd have to resize it), but that would be a little boring.
   Best would be to find/make/download a picture that reflects the sound you're making
   The important thing here is, that it has to be 240 x 180 pixels in size.
   For this example I'm using this file  smalldog.jpg    (again, feel free to download and use it).
the smalldog.jpg
looks like this:

If and when you make your own files to use (the wav, jpg, im etc -files that is used by CCP to create your object), note that you can NOT use capitals in those file names.

An important note here: If you are creating this file again from this tutorial, DO NOT UPLOAD IT AGAIN, since it's already on DLS.

Now that we have everything we need, let's get started.

Open Content Manager Plus
Goto File, then choose New

"New Asset" window opens
Choose "Scenery"
then click "New"

This opens Content Creator Plus

"kuid" and "trainz-build" have
already been filled for you.

Choose "category class"
Use the little arrow to open the
scroll-down window.
Finding the right category can be
difficult, but since we are creating
a dog-bark, OA seems in order.

Check a "category region" (country code)
Here you will want to choose the
region that the sound "belongs to".
(I don't know that this dog bark is
particularly Danish, but since it's for a
Danish route, that's what I chose.)
You may choose more than one.

Check "category era".
(Again this dog-bark is not specific for
an era, but I went with the route era.)
You may choose more than one.

Enter "username"
This is the file name your sond is going to have,
so make it a good one.
I start all my names with "xjc" because it makes
them unique and easier to find.
Preferably use a name that describes what
the object is.

"kind" has been picked already.

Right-click on "scenery" (it's called a "container")
A list will pop up, choose "description".

Now you enter a description for the file.
Again, make it descriptive of your sound.
Also consider adding, say "english", if your sound
is particular for that country.
Here you'd also add helpful remarks, like how or
where to use the sound and that sort.

That's it for now.

Save it and exit CCP.

In CMP, you can goto the "open for edit" tab,
and you'll se a "new asset", which is the one you've
just created.
(No, it won't have a name as yet.)

In Explorer, open the "Auran\TRS2006\editing" folder,
and you'll see a brand new folder here, that's the editing folder
for the file you've just made.

(And, providing you have no other assets open for edit, it will be the
only one there. These folders close when an asset is committed.)

Open the "new asset" folder,
the only file will be a "config.txt" file.

You could have right-clicked on the new asset in CMP,
then choose "edit", and then "edit in Explorer", that would
have given you the same open folder.

Now is the time to also open the folder where you saved the files
you just downloaded from here (or made yourself).

Copy (or move) all 5 files to the "new asset" folder.

Then close the folders again.

Go back into CMP.

Right-click on your new asset again,
choose "edit", then "edit in Content Creator Plus".

You're now back in CCP.

Right-click on "scenery",
choose "add a mesh table".

CCP will ask for a name for the new container.
I just name mine "default".

You will now have a "mesh" container, but no mesh.

Click on the little "...."button to the right,
a "load mesh" window will pop up, already
positioned in the correct folder,
choose the .im file you just copied into the folder.

Now you have a
mesh, and you can
see a picture of it
in the right bar.

You can also use
the arrow-tabs to
move it around if
you are so inclined.

Right-click on the "default" mesh container.
Choose "auto create".

Check the little "auto create" box.

DO NOT forget this, this is what tells Surveyor to show your picture.

Right-click on "scenery" again,
choose "add a soundscript container"

enter a name for your new sound script container,
I always name it for the file

You now have the option to enter some values for the script (they will all be zero when it opens).

"repeat delay" has two values (min, max, in sec). These are times to delay between the end of the
sound playing, and playing it again,  randomised between (min .. max) seconds. If you leave them at
zero, the sound file will play continuously (and that can be annoying depending on the sound).

"distance" has two values (meters)
1st number = the distance at which the sound is played at 100%
2nd number = The cut-off distance. Does not affect the volume of the sound, default: 50m, 150m

You can check later how it works for you in Surveyor, and then come back and change the
values here, till they work they way you desire. Try these values for starters >>

Right-click on the "dog1"container,
choose "add sound container"

then Right-click on the new "sound" container,
choose "add a sound"

This will give you an empty sound box,
type the name of your wav file here.

(make sure you're accurate with the
spaces or whatever you have in the
file name)

Right-click again on the "scenery" container
choose "add a thumbnail"

Click on the "..."button,
this will open a "load image" window.

Choose the picture you copied in, that is
your thumbnail.

Then you have to type in the values for

  width = 240

  height = 180

and they HAVE to be 240 and 180 !

That's it, you're done.

Hit "save" and exit CCP.

Back in CMP, your file is still sitting in "open for edit",
and it's still called "new asset".

Right-click on the asset, choose "edit", then "commit".

And now you have a brand new sound file.

Time to check it out in Surveyor.

If you followed this tutorial to the letter it will work.

If not, you might have made a typo or something,
in which case you can go back to edit your file in CCP.

This will get you started on creating sound and other files in Content Creator Plus.
For more information read Auran's CONTENT CREATOR's GUIDE