TUTORIAL - Surveyor    (for Trainz 2006)       Written Aug. 27, 2008.    By Jytte Christrup.


I found myself with 1 one-way track crossing 2 one-way trakcs, like so:

I needed to signal this crossing, but the "diamond crossing rule" that is available, was not ideal for this purpose, since it would
require that I put a total of 8 signals on this crossing, when all I needed was 3. On top of which, I have a number of other signals
in that immediate area, for a bridge, converging tracks etc, so adding 8 more signals, that wasn't even needed, would only add
to the confusion. (Granted, you can make some of those signals invisible, but I still wasn't sold on the idea.)

I came up with this solution instead:

Adding the 3 signals I needed, and 6 triggers, like so: (never mind the distances, it's just for this tutorial)
I am using sets of two triggers, as it will allow me to set them precisely for each track where i want the trains to trigger a red light or revert.

Each individual signal and trigger has to be named, and I named them like so:
("name" being an identifier for this particular crossing area, since I will have more)

Then added these "trigger check" and "set signal" rules to my session-rules:

For the last two checks, it's important that the two "set signal" rules are at the same level (not further
indented), or else the 2nd rule will not take effect.

The trigger and "trigger check rule" needed for this are built-in content in TRS2006, but if you do not
have it already, you will need to download the "set signal rule" from DLS.